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Keep Your Eyes Strong With an Annual Eye Exam

Often, when we think of the health of our eyes, we feel like we have no control. If our eyesight starts to deteriorate, that’s just a part of life and we need to accept it. But this simply isn’t true.

Although many eye diseases and conditions are inevitable with age, there are steps to delay them, manage them, and slow their progressing. Ultimately, you do have some control over the health of your eyes, and the best way to take care of them is by being proactive and booking an eye exam.

You Need to See Us Once a Year

You should have your eyes examined annually. This way we can keep your prescription up to date, check your eyes for irregularities or signs of disease, and monitor any conditions you currently have.

What to Expect From Your Eye Exam

Straightforward Answers

We want you to leave your exam feeling like you understand exactly what’s going on with your eyes. That’s why we take the time to talk you through what we’re looking for and thoroughly answer any questions you may have. Remember: eye care is what we do- we’re always happy to talk about it with you.

Thorough Screening

Many eye diseases, like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, develop without symptoms. We perform a variety of tests specifically designed to find the symptoms of these diseases, giving us a head start on treating and managing them before the damage becomes too severe.

Common Eye Issues in Seniors

Also known as AMD, this disease affects the part of the eye responsible for central vision. AMD comes in two forms, wet and dry. The dry form is much more common, but the wet form is much more severe. In both forms, the macula is obstructed, causing “blind spots” in the central vision. The damage caused by AMD is irreversible, but it can be mitigated with proper observation and treatment. Read more about age-related macular degeneration

As we age, the proteins in our eye fluid start to rearrange, clumping together on the lens and making it difficult to see. These cloudy lumps are called cataracts, and they’re exceptionally common. If cataracts get to the point that they’re disrupting the patient’s life, there is a surgery to remove the clouded lens and replace it with a device called an intraocular lens (IOL). Read more about cataracts.

We have heavily invested in highly innovative eye care technology to help us get the most conclusive results while keeping you as comfortable as possible. Some of our amazing eye care systems include:

  • Spectralis OCT: An OCT is a powerful diagnostic tool. It shows us a cross-section of your eye which helps us uncover macular degeneration and monitor glaucoma.
  • Humphrey Visual Field: Blind spots and loss of peripheral vision often indicate serious eye or brain disease. The Humphrey Visual Field helps us determine the presence of blind spots as well as check your peripheral vision.
  • Digital Retinal Camera: Most glaucoma sufferers don’t exhibit any symptoms until they’ve already experienced some significant vision loss. With the Digital Retinal Camera, we can scan for glaucoma and other conditions, while also documenting your ocular health in high quality photographs

Our Seniors’ Eye Exams

We want you to feel confident in the care you’re receiving; that’s why we spend extra time with our patients, answering their questions and making sure they understand what we’re looking for.

We’ll go through a series of tests to determine your acuity, eye teaming, and the level of any refractive errors you may have. We’ll also perform a few tests to look for any indicators of disease or sight-impacting conditions.

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