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Emergency Eye Care in Port Moody

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In Case of Eye Emergency: Call Port Moody Eye Care Centre

Every day, we unknowingly expose our eyes to dangerous situations. We might gently remove a speck of dust or dodge a curveball never realizing our vision was at risk. But, when accidents happen, we may only have half a second to make a sight-saving decision. In those cases, it’s important to know what to do and when to get help.

Seeking medical attention is the most important thing you can do after an eye emergency. If the situation is life-threatening, emergency care should be your first call. However, for most eye emergencies, you can come to us at the Port Moody Eye Care Centre. 

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What Counts as an Eye Emergency?

Most eye emergencies are the result of an accident. If your eyes have come into contact with chemicals, metal shavings, blunt trauma, or anything else that’s causing you eye pain or discomfort, you should seek medical attention.

Sometimes eye emergencies seem to come out of the blue, without pain. If you start seeing flashing lights or a sudden increase in eye floaters, you need to see a doctor immediately. If you lose vision suddenly in one or both eyes, you need medical care. As a general rule, it’s time to seek medical attention any time you experience sudden changes in your vision.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Common Eye Care Emergencies: What You Can Do

Before you come in for an emergency eye care appointment, here’s what you can do to help.

Corneal Abrasions

A scratch on the eyeball (corneal abrasion) can come from anything. Sometimes it’s a relatively small event like an accidental poke to the eye, whereas other times, it’s a scarier situation like an unfortunate run in with a piece of crafting wire.

Regardless of the cause, corneal abrasions leave the eye open to infection and require immediate attention. Despite the size, these abrasions usually feel quite big and can cause the patient quite a bit of pain.

If you scratch your eye:

  • Do not rub your eye
  • Do not touch your eye
  • Do not wear your contact lens
  • Do not use over-the-counter redness-reducing eye drops

Rubbing your eye can irritate the abrasion, and possibly drive whatever caused the abrasion further into your eye. Wearing a contact lens over the damaged eye or touching your eye can introduce bacteria to the cut.

You can blink. If the scratch was caused by small particles, such as sand, blinking can help remove the irritant. You may also flush the eye out with an all-purpose contact solution and proceed to seek medical attention.

We’re all familiar with the sense of having something in our eye that isn’t supposed to be there. Often, this feeling is caused by an eyelash or a rogue speck of dust. But sometimes a foreign body or object can be much more painful or dangerous.

Do not rub the affected eye. The movement and pressure can drive the foreign body further into your eye, causing corneal abrasions.

Do not attempt to remove anything from your eye with tweezers, or any other instrument. Tools like this have much more potential to harm than to heal. Restrict eye movement and do not touch your eyes.

Instead, flush the affected eye out with an all-purpose contact solution or clean water. Even if flushing removes the object, you should still visit us to examine your eye.

Although small foreign objects, like dust or sand, may be easily flushed out without harm, larger objects can penetrate or damage eye tissue.

The retina is responsible for sending all the images you see to the brain. Despite the importance of its role, the retina really only has a tenuous hold on the optic nerve. As a result, a hard bump on the head could cause your retinas to detach. Other causes include eye disease, eye surgery, or progressive myopia.

When the retina begins to pull away or detach, the patient usually sees a sudden increase of floaters (sometimes spots or strings), accompanied by bright flashes of light and the appearance of a black curtain descending over the affected eye.

If this occurs, you must seek medical attention immediately! Retinas can be reattached, but it must be done quickly to prevent permanent vision loss.

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Since the eyes are largely comprised of mucous membranes, they are easily absorbed and compromised by chemicals. If any chemical (including common chemicals like cleaning products) makes contact with your eye, you must rinse your eyes immediately!

Rinse your eyes thoroughly using cool water from an eyewash station, a sink, or a shower. Avoid rubbing it, as this could spread the chemical within your eye.

Although you may start to feel relief after a few moments of rinsing, you must continue to rinse the affected eye for at least 15 minutes to ensure the chemical is completely gone. Once you’ve rinsed the eye, seek medical help.

Even after discomfort or irritation has decreased, the chemicals may still affect your eyes. A medical professional or eye doctor must assess your eyes to check for any lasting harm.

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Protect Your Eyes From Emergencies

Most eye injuries are preventable. We carry a variety of sport, safety, and specialty eyewear to protect your vision at work and play.

Protective eyewear significantly reduces your risk of eye injury. Fit and comfort, as well as having the right gear for the task, are crucial to prevent ocular hazards.

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We Provide Port Moody With Emergency Eye Care

When disaster strikes, you don’t have time to wait for care. That’s why we offer emergency appointments. We keep a certain number of appointments open every day, just in case you need our help suddenly and urgently. At Port Moody Eye Care Centre, the health and safety of your eyes always come first.

If you experience an eye emergency, contact our team immediately.

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If you’re having trouble finding us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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