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Myopia Control in Port Moody

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The Foresight to Keep Nearsightedness in Check

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a common refractive error affecting nearly 30% of Canadians. When the eye is too long in proportion to the curve of the cornea (or vice versa) it causes light to focus in front of the retina rather than directly on the retina. As a result, the patient cannot see objects clearly beyond a certain distance.

The eye problem usually develops in childhood and is getting more and more common. By 2050, projections show 52% of the world will be myopic. More children are developing myopia, and at a younger age than ever before.

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What Does Myopia Control Mean?

Obviously, you want your child to experience the world as fully as possible. So while there is no cure for myopia, there are a few courses of treatment that can slow, or even stop the progression of myopia in your child.

Methods for slowing myopia focus on changing the eye’s structure and focusing power. By intervening during a child’s formative years, we can limit the strain that contributes to the progression of myopia. 

Myopia control will not stop your child from requiring correction. It can, however, save your child from requiring very strong correction, and potentially developing other related eye problems later in life.

Ortho-K Overnight

Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho-K) or corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is particularly effective in treating children with myopia as it can slow eye growth.

The treatment involves the child wearing rigid gas permeable contact lenses while they sleep. Overnight, the lenses gently reshape or flatten the cornea, correcting how the eyes focus light. In the morning, the ortho-k lenses are taken out and the patient requires no further correction during the day. 

Ortho-k is only effective as long as the lenses are being worn overnight. If the child stops wearing the lenses, the effects will reverse.

Multifocal Contacts for Myopia

Multifocal lenses have different levels of magnification in different areas of the lens. Multifocal contact lenses work much the same way. Researchers have discovered that a modified version of multifocal contacts can be effective in myopia control. Traditional lenses may only correct vision problems, but don’t address the underlying problem. A multifocal lens designed for myopia control can correct vision while slowing myopic progression.

Stellest by Essilor Lenses

Stellest contact lenses are designed to help slow the progression of myopia in children and provide all-day wear. This way, your kids can see clearly and comfortably while also helping preserve their vision for years to come. Your child can wear Stellest lenses for at least 12 hours every day. Wearing the lenses longer helps make the lenses more effective. However, it’s important to discuss your child’s treatment plan with your optometrist.

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Slow Myopia with Port Moody Eye Care Centre

Myopia is a growing eye problem, and not just literally. Your child’s vision and eye health can be affected by myopia their entire life. Preserving their sight and setting them up for a better visual future starts today.

If you have questions about myopia control or your child’s eye care, talk to our team. At Port Moody Eye Care Centre, we have the technology to diagnose changes in your child’s vision and the tools to help manage those changes.

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