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Specialty Eyewear For Sporting and Safety Success

You know you need to protect your eyes; that’s why we wear sunglasses when we go outside. But has it ever occurred to you that you can outfit your eyes in a way that keeps them safe and boosts your performance?

Port Moody Eyecare is proud to carry a variety of speciality eyewear. Whether it’s for work, or for play, we’re ready to supply you with everything you need to succeed.

Preserving Your Vision Through Protective Eyewear

Most eye injuries are preventable. Chemical contact, foreign objects, and blunt force trauma make up the majority of eye emergencies.

Safety eyewear is carefully designed and rigorously tested to stand up to all of these things. Your regular glasses, on the other hand, are not. Covering and protecting your eyes are not the same thing. To truly shield your eyes from harm, you need speciality eyewear that’s been made from durable materials to withstand harsh situations.

Ask us about getting your prescription in a pair of safety glasses today. After all, you only get one set of eyes; you need to take care of them.

Making the Most of Your Game

Obviously, your athletic performance depends pretty heavily on your eyesight. But standard ophthalmic frames aren’t necessarily built to withstand the rigours of, say, a game of rugby. The right sports eyewear corrects your vision without slowing you down, so you can play your best. Athletic eyewear is designed to fit comfortably, stay where it’s supposed to be, and protect your eyes from an errant baseball or an unfriendly hockey stick.

Sports eyewear can even take your performance to the next level. Different kinds of tinting make the most of various kinds of lighting scenarios, so your score doesn’t have to rely on any help from the sun!

A big part of success is confidence. So you know that in order to play well, you need to look and feel good. But that’s no reason to talk yourself out of the right gear. Our sports eyewear puts your safety and performance first without compromising style and design. So even if you play like an amateur, you’ll look like a pro.

Kids are pretty resilient; they can injure themselves, and be playing again only 10 minutes later. But your kids only get one set of eyes. Is an afternoon of fun worth risking a lifetime of vision?

You don’t have to keep your kids from the sports they love; just outfit them with the sports eyewear they need to stay safe. Our kids’ sports eyewear is durably built, stylishly designed, and ready for whatever your kids throw at them.

Set your child up for success without taking away their fun, and ask us about children’s protective eyewear.

Safety Eyewear is an Essential Part of Any Project

Safety eyewear is designed and rigorously tested to be shatterproof, chemical-proof, and extremely crush resistant. Even if you need prescription lenses in your safety goggles, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, prescription safety lenses tend to be even stronger than regular safety lenses.

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