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Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain: A 21st Century Problem

Even though your work day is sedentary, you find your body aches after a day of work. You haven’t pulled a muscle. You haven’t done any heavy lifting. You’ve been working on your computer all day. Still, you come home with a stiff back, a tense neck, a killer headache, and you want nothing more than to go to bed.

Everything in your body is connected. This means the pains you feel throughout your body could be a result of digital eye strain.

What Exactly is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain is a relatively new condition that occurs as a result of prolonged, uninterrupted exposure to screens. Your eyes are not designed to focus on one field of vision for hours at a time, so eight hours of work without changing the point or distance of focus causes the muscles to grow tired. We also tend to blink less as we work, depriving our eyes of moisture and lubrication.

Blue Light

One major contributing factor to digital eye strain is blue light: a particular wavelength of UV light typically emitted from computer screens and mobile phones. Blue light tends to scatter, making it more difficult for the eye to focus and interpret.

What Does Digital Eye Strain Feel Like?

The symptoms of digital eye strain affect far more than just the eyes. Patients often experience pain in their necks, backs, and shoulders. The eyelids often start to feel heavy, as though you’re falling asleep at the screen. It’s also not uncommon to feel a dryness or irritation in the eyes. The longer your screen time goes uninterrupted, the more your vision will start to become blurred and sometimes doubled.

What If I Have 20/20 Vision?

Digital eye strain can affect anyone; regardless of the strength of their vision or the health of their eyes.

Alleviating Digital Eye Strain

Since digital eye strain is mostly environmental, there are a few strategies you can use to lessen the frequency with which you experience digital eye strain.

The appropriate working conditions can go a long way towards eliminating digital eye strain. Your screen should be roughly an arm's length away with the brightness adjusted to match the light around you. If you can, minimise glare by positioning your screen away from windows. It also helps to keep your screen free of dust and fingerprints.

Your eyes require muscles to function. Just like any muscle, they grow tired after excessive use. Every 20 minutes or so, you should stop looking at your screen and stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This allows your eye muscles to work differently for a short amount of time, keeping them from getting tired quite as quickly.

Because blue light is such a big contributing factor to digital eye strain, one potential solution is to filter blue light out. There is a coating available for lenses to help block blue light, protecting your eyes while you work. Ask us about a blue light coating for your glasses today.

Technology Evolves Faster Than the Human Body

The human body has changed and adapted over thousands of years to thrive in today’s environment. Technology, on the other hand, is advancing and updating every day to change our environment. In a lot of ways, this innovation is a good thing. However, one drawback is that our bodies can’t always keep up with the changes.

Our eyes have not evolved to handle the amount of screen time we use on a regular basis. As a result, we start to experience the pain, discomfort, and other symptoms associated with digital eye strain.

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