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Cataract Exam & Management

What is a Cataract?

The fluid inside the eye consists of proteins in a transparent fluid. For most of our lives, these proteins are spread out enough so we can see through them. As we age, however, the proteins start to congregate in concentrated groups or clumps on the lens.

These clumps make it difficult for light to reach the retina, causing cloudy vision. It takes time for these clumps to form, so vision tends to get slowly but progressively worse.


Cataracts are painless, but not entirely asymptomatic. Cataract sufferers experience dulled colour vision, cloudy or blurry vision, and excessive glare or halo effects, particularly in low light conditions. People with cataracts often have significant difficulty driving at night. In some cases, the early stages of cataracts bring a temporary improvement in eyesight before becoming cloudy. This effect is sometimes referred to as “second sight”.

Treating Your Cataracts

Once your cataracts start to disrupt your life, it becomes important to deal with the problem via surgery. This surgery is relatively simple, taking only about 15 minutes on each eye. Most patients report that the clarity and colour intensity of their vision is greatly improved after the operation.

How the Surgery Works

Your ophthalmologist will use a small, ultrasonic instrument to break up the cloudy lens of your eye, suctioning out the remainder. They will then insert an artificial lens called an IOL through a small incision in the side of your eye. The procedure is done one eye at a time. This gives your eyes a chance to heal and settle.

Premium IOLs

All intraocular lenses (IOLs) serve the same basic function in that they replace the natural lens of your eye. There are, however, a number of IOLs which offer extra features and different levels of functionality. These are usually called premium IOLs.

The standard IOL is perfectly round. While these IOLs do work, they do not exactly mirror your eye’s natural lens, causing small imperfections in your vision. Aspheric IOLs more closely resemble the shape of your natural lens, eliminating these imperfections, and giving you more consistent vision.

A multifocal IOL functions the same way multifocal glasses or contacts do. These lenses have areas of added magnification, increasing your range of vision, and potentially even eliminating the need for glasses to see at different distances.

Astigmatism is a refractive error resulting in specific irregular areas of the eye. Toric IOLs have different levels of magnification in different areas of the lens, making them perfect for correcting astigmatism. Before the surgery, your doctor will make temporary markings on your cornea. Then, during the operation, they’ll orient the IOL to match up with their markings

Symptoms of Cataracts

Despite the fact that cataracts are painless, there are some symptoms a patient might notice during the development of cataracts. Colours may start to fade or turn yellow, while the quality of a patient’s vision becomes less and less clear.
Many people report sensitivity to light, experiencing a significant increase in instances of glare, or halos around lights. This is particularly true at night, or in low light environments. Patients with cataracts find the need to update their glasses or contact prescription frequently to accommodate their changing vision.

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